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HCK T-Shirts

The NEW Surf Design!!
New Stock/Front design change get yours soon!

The NEW Surf Design!!

HCK T-Shirt Inventory
(Inventory as of 1/25/04)

Men's T-Shirts:
100% heavy weight cotton shirt with "Team Hope" letters on front left of shirt. Graphic of "Surf" design with "Hope Chapel Kauai" surrounding the graphic.
Color and Sizes:
Medium - 3
Large - 5
XL - 4
Royal Blue (Dark):
Medium - 3
Large - 5
XL - 4
Hunter Green:
Medium - 3
Large - 3
XXL - (none)
(Original Front: Team Hope)
Medium - 1
Large - 1
Dark Brown:
Small - (none)
Medium - (none)
(Original Front: Team Hope)
XXL - 1
Large - (none)
XXL - (none)

To order the
HCK T-Shirts:
By Phone:
By Email:
Surf Design:
$15 ea.
Women of Hope:
$15 ea.
Shipping & Handling:
$3 each shirt.
Info Required:
Customer Name:
Shipping Address:
Contact Phone:
Email Address:
Please make checks out to "Hope Chapel Kauai" earmark for HCK T-Shirt.
Send To:
HCK T-Shirt
c/o Hope Chapel Kauai
P.O. Box 539
Lawai, Hawaii. 96765

Front of HCK Surf T-Shirt

Original Design:
The Front of the HCK "Surf" design T-shirt.
**New** Jan. 2004 Design:
Front: "On A Mission"
(Same lettering)

Back of HCK Surf Design T-Shirt

This is a new design for HCK dubbed the "Surf" design a classic vintage look. The graphic is done in a white with a marbleized finish to it.

The HCK - Women of Hope - Shirt

Women's Shirts:
100% combed cotton. Styled Letters on left sleeve "Women Of Hope" with "Butterflies flying" graphic. Sizing may run a little small, if you order your normal size expect a snug fit.
Colors and Sizes:
Medium - 5
Large - 6
XL - 4
XXL - 2
Medium - 7
Large - 6
XL - 4
XXL - 2

(The "Brick" color is wrap around her left elbow)