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Here you will find updates of missions that went out from Hope Chapel Kaua`i and those who have come through to share about thier missions. -BC

Mark and Dorien Nakatsukasa
Mark and Dorien Nakatsukasa

News from the Naks
November 2004

Here in South Thailand the rains are finally tapering off and we are back to the scorching hot days that we call normal weather. Mark was away much of the month of October and we're wondering if you can relate to our family's experience of when the husband/dad is away...things break! First it was the pump to our well and Dorien and the boys were forced to haul rain water to bathe and flush toilets. Then our septic tank overflowed and we won't even say what they had to do in that situation.  At any rate, they have come to appreciate Mark's fix it skills in a new way this month. They also wish he'd stay home more often.
Meanwhile, Mark was teaching at an SBS in India and was experiencing some plumbing problems of his own. Stomach cramps, fever, and lots of visits to the toilet made his first trip to India a memorable one. Nonetheless, he still had a fruitful time of ministry, really enjoyed the students and staff of the school, and looks forward to future visits to India.
Seth and Hans recently starting attending a youth group in Phuket (about an hour's drive from our house). They have been struggling with much loneliness lately so we have felt that we needed to make an effort to find friends for them. This group is made up of kids from many different cultures and backgrounds with the only common factor being that they are all foreigners (non-Thai) which means that they are all struggling with the same kind of loneliness that our boys experience. Seth and Hans really enjoy attending this group. So much so that they can hardly wait till the next meeting. As well as the good fellowship and Bible teaching, the group has also come up with some really fun activities. This past month the group visited a "cable waterskiing" place and had a blast learning to wakeboard and kneeboard. We're so thankful for this outlet for our boys and for the friendships that they made in the past few weeks.
Right now our church in Phang Nga is hosting a team from Hope Chapel North Shore Maui. Though we've never met anyone on the team we are quickly becoming close friends and enjoying working with them. God is so good that way in bringing friends from faraway places to share in our adventure here in Thailand. We hope God brings special people your way as well to share in your journey. God bless you all.
The Naks
Mark. Dorien, Luke, Anneke, Seth, and Hans

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P.O. Box 5
Phang Nga, 82000
Phone:  (66) 076 430 329
(66) 06 682 7135 (cell)

Aloha Hope Chapel Family!
Update for Laura Aleman: Missions -November 2004
Laura Aleman - Missions to PNG
Aloha Hope Chapel 'Ohana!
This newsletter is very late in getting out!  It has some great pictures and a few details I probably forgot to share with you all so I decided to send it anyway. I miss you a lot!  Know that you are all on my mind and in my prayers. 
I am studying very diligently these days and find little time to socialize. I am praying for more balance in this area but am under a lot of stress to do well. If my grades are not good then the Wycliffe scholarships will not be renewed.  I just reapplied for the 2005 scholarships but have not heard back from the committee. Please pray for the Lord's favor and provision in this area.
Love and hugs to you all,

Laura Aleman's November 2004 Update click here

MMI Prayer Request / Travel Update:

Aloha Ohana...

Mark requests your support
as he will be in Thailand April 1-11. He will be a part of a teaching week for YWAM School of Worship in Bangkok, Thailand as well as working with a local church plant. Please remember us in your prayers for this time.

This is a MMI sponsored missions trip and we are partnering with the local missions for the expenses. Any help we be greatly appreciated to cover costs.

Mark Riley Music
Thanks all for your support. God bless,
Mark and team

Jeremy, Eileen, Andrew, Tyler, and Shea girl


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