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Equipping the saints to do the work of ministry
Networking the local churches to proclaim Jesus Christ
Fulfilling the Great Commission on Kaua`i!

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Calendar of Events Submission 2016:
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Upcoming Island-Wide/State Prayer/Worship/Conference Gatherings
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Here KIM lists activities that are scheduled for the next couple of months. Things could change frequently, so it is a good idea to visit this page as often as possible to keep up to date.

Bulletin Board:

Community Volunteers
In the Classroom

Kaua’i Planning & Action Alliance (KPAA) has initiated Community Volunteers in the Classroom, a new program designed in collaboration with the DOE to promote student achievement and assist teachers and staff in Kaua’i public elementary schools. Volunteers are being recruited to partner with a teacher and assist children with reading, math, and other subjects.  A few hours of an adult’s time can make a big difference in a child’s life!

To help promote this volunteer opportunity, please download and distribute the attached flyer to your constituency.  For questions or more information, please contact KPAA at 632-2005 or visit our website at www.kauainetwork.org.


Download Flyer: click here
(PDF - 269 KB - 1 Page)

Kaua'i Planning & Action Alliance
2959 Umi Street, Suite 201
Lihu'e, HI  96766
Phone: (808) 632-2005
Fax: (808) 632-2018
Email: sshiraki@kauainetwork.org

The Da Vinci Delusion

On another note…
Most of you know about the movie “The Da Vinci Code” staring Tom Hanks. There is a video online called “The Da Vinci Delusion" documentary is designed to answer questions introduced by the “Da Vinci Code” book.  This documentary focuses on the fundamental flaws found in Dan Brown's book with respect to the following questions: >>>more
The video can be found here:
File info: Streaming Video on Google Video running time 48 min 48 sec.

Pray with the Mayor:

Every second Thursday of every month at 8:30 - 9:00 AM. at the Mayor's office in Lihue. Open to all Pastors and Leaders of Kauai.
Next Prayer Time & More Info:
(Please call Pastor Roy Sasaki 
for more info @ 652-1829)

KIM Contact Info:
email: click here
ph/fax: 246-0774
cell: 652-1829
Roy Sasaki
3184 Unahe St.
Lihue, Hawaii 96766
Let's keep in touch. -Rocky

Island Prayer Meetings:

South Shore Pastors & Leaders
Prayer & Praise -Every Tuesday Morning @ 8:00 AM. Koloa Missionary Church Ph. 742-6777
Eastside Pastors & Leaders
Prayer Fellowship -Every Thursday Morning @ 8:00 AM. Thy Word Ministries Ph. 742-1505
North Shore Pastors & Leaders
Prayer Fellowship -Every Tuesday Morning @ 8:00 AM. Amazing Grace Church Ph. 826-6566
INFO Request for 2014:
Please send special event(s) for KIM calendar 2014 at your earliest convenience.
To Rocky at: click here
KIM Imua XVII 2014 coming events will be posted on KIM website:

Brother Dave

Heart Song
by Brother Dave

I must testify to the favor I've found
Such wealth and blessing
The Savior brought down
My soul is well pleased
My heart is made right
The Lord is my help and my true delight
Conceived in His will
Formed by His love
Fulfilled in the Spirit
Sweet Holy Dove
Still surprised by Your kindness
Overwhelmed with Your grace
My deepest longing is for Your embrace
Your presence is life
You meet every need
My heart lives to know You and follow Your lead
From strength to strength
And on into glory
Perfecting in me Your own love story
Everything in me swells with Your praise
For all that You are
Through all of my days!

Blessings- BD!

~~~\\\*From The Archives*///~~~

Prayer Summit 2003:

Pastors and Leaders Prayer Summit '03
Pastors and Leaders Prayer Summit '03

Read testimonies of pastors and leaders who attended the Pastors and Leaders Prayer Summit '03: click here

~~~\\\*From The Archives*///~~~

KIM Island Church Directory

KIM Note: Some Pastors and Leaders have expressed a need for a downloadable, printable Island Church Directory. This document is in the Adobe Portable Document format. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to be able to view and print this document. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click here to download the free software.
Pastors/Leaders if your info needs to be updated or your church is not on list click here

Island Church Directory: click here
(PDF - 35 KB - 2 Pages)

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A Call to the Nations: Na Kahu  Aloha Ke Akua II
A Call to the Nations
Na Kahu – Aloha Ke Akua II

This CD is a call to the peoples of the world to worship God in the spirit and truth of who you are! The songs on this CD (except for one traditional) are all originals written by Native Hawaiians and Native Americans. It is a worship CD that combines Hawaiian, Native American and Western styles of worship. >more

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Aloha Ke Akua CD by Na Kahu - NEW RELEASE -

Aloha Ke Akua CD by Na Kahu will contain a 28 page booklet condense version of "Perpetuated in Righteousness" authored by Daniel Kikawa. The songs on the disc will coincide with the booklet, sort of like a musical journey through "Perpetuated in Righteousness." This is true Hawaiian Worship Music!

For your convenience you can securely pay online through PayPal with any major credit card (you can use your checking account to electronically pay for orders too). Order now FREE shipping on all internet orders from this website (limited time only!) ORDER NOW

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Worship Music Link:

Chris Tomlin CDs' - ! Click Here !

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Author: S.J. Hill

Burning Desire by S.J. (Steve) Hill

Have you ever noticed the seeming disconnect between the vengeful God of the Old Testament and the gracious, loving Lord of the New Testament? Do you struggle to reconcile God's fiery wrath with His boundless love? If so, you're not alone.
Burning Desire takes you deeper into the language and imagery of the Old Testament to reveal the God of the New Testament in a completely different light. Author S.J. Hill reveals a biblical blueprint for a relationship with Him that will surprise and challenge you. In fact, the way you view God may never be the same. >more

Hawaii Based Author

God of Light, God of Darkness (Book)

God of Light, God of Darkness (Book)

This story is the chronicle of the spiritual history of Hawai‘i. It is the story of the battle between light and darkness – good and evil – in a titanic clash for spiritual supremacy over the islands of Hawai‘i and her people. This story may read like an exciting fiction novel but the miraculous events in this book really happened; they are true.

“I have waited seven years to tell this story. It has taken that long to obtain permission from the matriarch of the ‘Iokāne family; after all, much of this story is their family legacy, the 800-year-old prophecy and the promise of ‘The One’ that was fulfilled on March 14, 1998. I can now continue in the mission to which God called me many years ago – ‘Tell all people that I (God) have this same story of faithfulness and love for them that I have for Hawai‘i.”

-Daniel Kikawa

For more info or to purchase:
'God of Light, God of Darkness (Book)'
by Daniel Kikawa: click here

Hawaii Based Author

Perpetuated in Righteousness - Book

Perpetuated in Righteousness

From the ancient Polynesian legends the author traces the history of the Hawaiian people from the beginning of time to the present; documenting their belief in the One Supreme God who created the heavens and the earth; and the first man, Atea, the Kumuhonua. Formed on the sixth day of creation out of the red clay, Atea became a living soul when the Supreme God breathed into his nose. Atea's wife Owa, Keolakuhonua, was created from his rib.

The legends tell of the One Supreme God's ongoing battle for the souls of the Hawaiian people, against Ilioha, the giant mo'o (dragon). From the enticement in the garden to the present time, this mo'o continues to use power, greed and selfishness to turn mankind away from the One Supreme God and His only Son, Iesu Kristo.

Painstakingly researched and documented from beginning to end, this is a history book that no one should miss!

Hawaii Based Author

100 Years of Healing

Find out the truth about
Hawaii's missionary heritage
in the new book:
100 Years of Healing
by local bestselling author Evelyn Cook.
(NOW -Available.)

The Legacy of a Kauai Missionary Doctor

100 YEARS OF HEALING is a collection of historical sketches centered around the lives of an idealistic missionary doctor, James W Smith, and his family. Most of the events take place on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, between the early 1840s and the mid 1940s. The book begins with Dr. Smith's arrival on Kauai at the small village of Koloa in 1842, and examines his struggles to save a remnant of the Native Hawaiian population from the ravages of Western epidemics. The volume includes the story of a little known legal battle between Kauai's favorite prince, Jonah Kuhio, and the Hawaiian Kingdom's last reigning sovereign, Queen Liliuokalani - as well as a new look at the 1893 overthrow of the monarchy in which Dr. Smith's oldest son, Woo Smith, played a leading role.

Hardcover, 225 pages, ISBN: 0972383107

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