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Sample Basic Website - The Web Disciple

This is what the BASIC 5 page website package would look like (of course this is just an example your look will be different).

The BASIC website will have 5 web pages and at the most 5 images on each page.

In some cases will include up to 2 hours of personal training on how to update your web pages.

New to the Internet?

For those who are just starting out on the internet. A website is basically a collection or grouping would be a better word, of web pages on the internet. The term the 'web' means the internet. Each page usually consist of a background, pictures, texts, and links to other web pages. Links basically are buttons that you can click on, could be a word or a picture, that take you to a different location on the web.

For our purpose we are looking at just setting up a basic website which includes a colorful background, pictures, texts, and of course links. A link could also be used as an email button.

How important is the content of a website?

In fact a wise old web master says "It's all about GOOD content!" You have to keep a balance though, keep things short and to the point, but filled with interesting information. I think no one wants to read a lengthy, wordy, long, drawn out web page!

On a website you will be able to use different font styles and colors for the words. The actual size of the font can be changed also.

As always use your discretion; remember "It's all about GOOD content." When you're visiting a new website you know if you like what you see, or you don't.

What about pictures?

Where do I find pictures I can use for my website? Well you can use any picture you own of course. Images that were taken with a digital camera must be configured before web use. You can also use images from the web some website have images you can use for free they usually have instruction on how to save the images to your hard drive and information on how to use their images on your website. In most cases they just want a link back to their website on your LINKS page.
When configuring images for your website the actual physical size and file size are important information to know. Each image must be configured for the space they will occupy on the web page. Using a photo editor program you will be able to do this task.

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