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This a true account of a US Embassy Marine in Beirut, Lebanon, during one of its most hostile times: 1987 - 1988. Through fear and uncertainty, it is a journey from self reliance to Christ reliance.

Beirut - Gods Boot Camp

In a city of terror, in a time of uncertainty, in a land that spilled the blood of many Americans, a young U.S. Marine arrived at his new post: The U.S. Embassy Beirut. This is the true account of his time in one of the most hostile cities in the world, during one of its most tumultuous times, in the mid to late 1980s. It is a rare glimpse inside the life of the "Elite" Embassy Marines who guard our diplomatic posts around the world. Beirut - God's Boot Camp not only brings you inside the world of a young Christian Marine who is confronted with fear and adversity, but it also allows you to see the struggles and questions we face as believers. Most importantly, it reveals the faithfulness of the Loving God we serve: Jesus. As the Marines forged their men in the fire of boot camp, Jesus was forging a Christian man in the fire of Beirut. This is his story.

You can learn more about Pastor Tom and his ministry click here.

Excerpt from the book: Beirut: God's Boot Camp

As I looked around, the skies were getting gloomier by the minute and the feeling was one of tension, one of uncertainty. There was no festivity in this town, just an eerie stillness. An over cast and steel gray sky ominously loomed over us and the coolness that followed added to the lifelessness of this part of the city. It seemed to get colder and eerier the further we plunged into Beirut.

There was at this level, in this section of the city, no beauty to be found at all, but rather a bland array of colors that mixed in well with the overcast canopy above. The further we drove, the torn and tattered landscape only developed into the greater scars that marred this tired city so well.

There were no happy shoppers were walking down cheery cosmopolitan streets. No green and red decorations, no brightly colored lights lit the avenues and colored the pale air. No music was being piped through department store speakers onto congested holiday streets. No giant Christmas trees glowed with a colorful rainbow of lights and bundled skaters circling at its base.

No, there was nothing for these people, no real life, no real income, no real pleasure, and no real season to speak of. It was just survival for another day in this mess. That was what they hoped for, because there was no peace on their earth or goodwill towards men. Not in the physical sense at least, the city silently screamed of unrest and chaos. It was written all around me and it chilled my bones more than the weather.

AmErica House has just pre-released the first copies of Pastor Tom's new book "Beirut: God's Boot Camp." The book is a true account of Pastor Tom's time as a new Christian,  and as an Embassy Marine at our embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.  It is a journey from "Self" reliance to "Christ" reliance, and deals with the fears and uncertainites of being in a war zone and those truths the Lord reveals to us as we walk through deep valleys in our life.
The official release will come later in late April, early May and will be available to order at many book stores and book distributors.  Right now, AmErica House is offering the book on their web site for $17.99.  That's for those of you who are outside of Hawaii.  For those of us over here, Breath of Life will be selling the book for $14.99 at the church.  If you are not on the island of Kauai, and you want to get a copy of the book click here. You can also order by phone and call Publish America's toll free number at: 877-333-7422.
Please join with us in spreading the word about this new release and lifting this book up in prayer. Feel free to tell your friends about this book.  It is our hope this book will touch many lives, glorify our Lord and bring people to a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ and the need for Him in their life.
Thank you for all of your support!  Aloha and God Bless You.
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