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Dear Pastors,
By now, you know that I am serving as the Kauai Coordinator for the Jesus Hawaii Project.  Just in case you  missed the latest update on the project, here is a recap of the project:

  • Phase I March 2003: Distribution of the Tool and Survival Kit to every middle schooler, high schooler and college freshman.
  • Phase II April 2003 (about a week before Easter Sunday): Every household on Kauai (and through out the state) receives the Jesus video.

I am convinced that the present participating churches of Hawaii will reach its financial goal.  Therefore, my encouragement to you to be part of JHP is more than financial reasons.  I just dont want you to miss out on this awesome opportunity to saturate the island of Kauai with the gospel.
I understand that a number of churches here on Kauai have distributed the Jesus video into their communities.  We, too, have given out many of the Jesus videos, including the childrens version.  However, I think that when every household on Kauai receives the video all at the same time, the impact will be different.  People all over the island will be talking about it.
Also, the names of the participating churches will be included in the mailing with an invitation to our Easter services.  I really want to see your church on that list.  I would hate for someone in your church who receives the video ask you why your church is not listed as one of the participating churches.
We will be letting the public know of all the participating churches in the JHP.  We plan to do this through the newspaper and with banners.  We want people to know who to call if they have any questions concerning the Jesus video.
Remember, there is the youth phase (Phase I).  We will need the participation of the youth from your church to distribute The Tool and the Survival Kit in their schools.  In other words, the students themselves will do the distribution.  What an opportunity for the youth in your church to be a witness to their peers!
How can you become a participating church?  My suggestion is that you at least send in $100 to the Jesus Hawaii Project.  Just get on board and lets reach this island for Christ together. Our suggested deadline for donations is December 31, 2002. 
At our church, we decided to bring the challenge to our people.  We had set a goal of $5,300.  On the very first Sunday we presented the project, our pledges exceeded that goal.  We stepped out on faith and gave our people the opportunity to gain ownership of the project.  So you might want to challenge your entire church on the project. Do not deny your people the opportunity to make an investment which can have eternal consequences.
Send donations to:

Jesus Hawaii Project
P.O. Box 11145
Honolulu, HI 96828

We are planning a meeting for the Jesus Hawaii Project to plan how we can make the best out of this opportunity.

September 26, Thursday @ 9:00 a.m.
The Aloha Church
FREE continental breakfast will be served

Please mark this date and time on your calendar.  We will be calling you to see if you will be able to attend this meeting.
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.
Your partner in the gospel,
Niles Kageyama

Kaua`i Island Ministries, Inc
3184 Unahe Street, Lihue, HI. 96766.
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