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Show Times for the PASSION:
The Passion of the Christ
a film by Mel Gibson

James Caviezel
Monica Bellucci
Rosalinda Celentano
Sergio Rubini
Maia Morgenstern

Now Playing:
Kukui Grove Cinemas -Lihue
(R) (IN DTS)

FRI - 2:30 4:00 5:30 7:00 8:30 9:45
SAT & SUN - 1:00 2:30 4:00 5:30 7:00 8:30 9:45
MON & TUES - 4:00 5:30 7:00 8:30
WED - 5:30 7:00 8:30
THURS - 4:00 7:00 8:30

A number of churches have been interested in being part of helping the impact of this film. We have several ways you can do this:

Help us fund trailers for the Passion on local cable TV.
These would be the trailer created by Icon Productions and would have no church reference connected to them. (I think the more the public sees this as a regular movie, the better). We would like to start these trailers in heavy rotation about a week before the movie is released.
Do you know what the cost would be to air the trailers? 
To air the trailers cost between $9 and $12 per shot with (I think) a 20 time min. You get to pick which channel you want it to air on. This is a new system to me as the last time we aired something it went on a number of channels for the same price.

Special showing of The Passion.
Join us in renting out the whole theater for a special showing ending with the Lord's Supper within the first two days of opening. Because the theater is hesitant to give up their key-viewing slot, this would have to be early (say 4:30pm) or late (9:00pm) on either Wed. Feb. 25th or Thursday the 26th. The point of this showing would be to get the Christian community fired up about taking their friends to see the film.

Do you have more specifics on renting out the theater and what do you need?  This sounds like a great idea.
Renting out a theater is pretty simple. Buy all 260 seats at $7 each. The problem is that Matt will only "4 wall" his shows on weekdays at 4pm or at the late show. He might do it for a Sunday morning... don't know.

Buying tickets in block.
Our church (Kauai Christian Fellowship) plans to buy a ticket for each member of our congregation with the intention that they use those tickets to bring an unsaved friend to the movies with them. These tickets must be purchased directly from the Kukui Grove Theater. Ask for Matt, the manager at 245-3552 (after 5:00pm). By the way, ticket prices for all movies will be going up to $7.00 next week.

Buying tickets in blocks:  is this in addition to renting out the whole theater or in lieu of?
Yes, buying tickets in block is, in my opinion, the best way to get unbelievers to see the movie. Buy in block, give to your people with the instructions to bring someone with the ticket they have received. This way they can pick the time and day which works best for their guest.
The Passion witnessing tool.
Along with buying tickets this we are creating a small credit card sized witnessing tool that has discussion questions from the movie on one side and simple steps to lead a friend to Christ on the other. (If you would like to get in on ordering some of these for your church please contact me ASAP).

Do you have a sample of the "small credit card sized witnessing tool" to view?
Yes, I have attached an uncorrected version of the card, which should give you the basic idea.
Note: This document is in the Adobe Portable Document format. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to be able to view and print this document. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click here to download the free software.

For the uncorrected version of the card CLICK HERE

Please let me know if your church would like to be part of any of these promotional ideas. You can reach me at 332.8517 (home office) or 639.6146 (cell).

In His Grip,
Rick Bundschuh
Kauai Christian Fellowship

Great PASSION Links:

This is the address they have on all promo materials for the movie. It was a little easier to see the trailer on this site, as it was equipped for all computers video capabilities.

This is the official website for the movie The Passion of the Christ: