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Best way of coming up with a plan for a new website, is to just look around on the web. At different ministries and what type of look they have. Pay close attention to some of the smaller details and the content of their web pages.

For those who are just starting out on the internet. A website is basically a collection or grouping would be a better word, of web pages on the internet. The term the web means the internet. Each page usually consist of a background, pictures, texts, and links to other pages. Links basically are buttons, could be a word or a picture, that take you to a different location on the web. Websites are usually full of colors! And some have sound and video too!

For our purpose we are looking at just setting up a basic website which includes a colorful background, pictures, texts, and of course links. Oh, a link could also be used as an email button. 

Most ministry websites in general have seven web pages. Funny thing is usually they don't count your Home Page. So you will have eight pages of information that you might need to come up with! Sounds like fun!

A Website Consist Of:

  • Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Pastors Page
  • Calendar of Events Page
  • Ministry Page (This maybe more than one page)
  • Photo Album Page (This maybe more than one page)
  • Links Page
  • Contact Us Page

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