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Have you ever heard the expression "A picture is worth a thousand words?" Well it's true. A good picture will not only brighten up a web page, but can be very informative. When I use the term pictures it will also mean any type of graphic that would enhance the viewers experience to your website.

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There are a lot of websites on the internet that have available to the viewer graphics and pictures that you can use for your personal web sites. Some basically says just copy the picture you want and use them. Some wants you to set up a link to their website.

You can also scan your own personal pictures with a scanner. A scanner is a devise that is similar to a copy machine. Where it uses light to scan the pictures and reproduce them on your computer electronically. What's important to remember when you are scanning a picture is to scan in a .jpg format or .gif format -this is the format web sites use.

Photo programs on your computer should be able to resize the picture to any size you want. Keep in mind that the bigger and more detailed the photo is it will be a bigger file size. Hence a longer download time involved when you go to that web page.

Generally I try not to put more than three to four pictures on a web page. With the exception of a photo page there usually eight to ten pictures. Most people expect the photo page to load slower.

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Click on the links below if you would like to see the websites that were created with the tools on the next web page! This web site you are in now was created with those web tools.

I hope this web site will help you in understanding what website are an how to build them. If you still need more info please don't hesitate and just call or send me a email.

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Well that's it in a nut shell! The next page has links on it that will guide you to get web space for your web site and also the tools you need to build it. All the web sites I've done were using the tools provided on the next page.

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