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Mahalo From The Web Disciple

This ministry is made possible through the generosity of friends and partners that faithfully pray and financially support the work that God has called us to accomplish. 
Some of you know me as "BC (Braddah Clyde)" through Kaua`i Island Ministries (KIM). And are familiar with the "work" or "services" I perform for KIM. If not, basically whenever there is a technical need or service that needs to be done or consulted on, I usually get a call, and as the Lord leads I would perform my duties undertaking whatever technical task set before me. This gives a lot of freedom to the pastor or leader because what needs to get done gets done in the time they need it (if not sooner). There are many projects that I have worked on these past five years or so through KIM (and my local church Hope Chapel Kaua`i) and various conferences and outreaches island wide. Here are some highlights of projects I've worked on:
  • Kaua`i Island Ministries - website build and maintenance.
  • KIM Communication Center - group email communications.
  • Hope Chapel Kaua`i Ohana - HCK family website.
  • Jesus Hawai`i Project - email/advertising.
  • Passion of the Christ (preview to island pastors and leaders.) - email/advertising.
  • Transformation Hawai`i (1st. website) - website build and maintenance.
  • United In Prayer Hawaii (1st. website) - website build and maintenance.
  • Kaua`i House of Prayer - website build and maintenance.
  • PC Computer Tech Support - hardware/software maintenance.
  • And various multi-church conferences and outreaches.
Programs that The Web Disciple uses to accomplish the task:
  • Photo Editor Program
  • Audio Editor Program
  • Video Editor Program
  • Web Development Program
  • Publisher Type Program
  • Various Online Tools.
Realizing that this is an area that if someone were to seek help for they may have to pay someone for the services. I think that's where ministries pull back because of a lack of know-how (or funds). Part of what The Web Disciple does is help with no strings attached. I have done work for no compensation and sometimes on occasion there may be an honorarium (which was greatly appreciated!). But basically I've never charged anything for my services.
Would you consider supporting The Web Disciple on a monthly basis. Any amount $20-$50-$100 (or more) would be greatly appreciated! Or even if its a one-time donation, much mahalo!. For your convenience a web page has been created with all the information you need to send in your support. It also supports PayPal links for secured online donations.
Again thank you for your valuable time in reading this letter and I kindly ask that you seek God for your part in this ministry (I tried to keep it as short as I could - sorry).
Clyde "BC" Okada

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Mahalo (Thank You) From The Web Disciple
"We sweat the details so you don't have too"