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"See His Glory"
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"See His Glory"

"See His Glory"
lst Annual
Island-Wide Worship Symposium
OCTOBER 18 - 19

Held At: The Aloha Church (Across Taco Bell in Lihue)
*Guest Speaker:  Rev. Henry Kahalehili Glad Tidings - Hilo, Hi.
**Workshops/(various speakers)

For More Information Call:
Christy Kilborn - 742-9956
Silvin Galiza - 241-7177

"See His Glory"

We want to welcome all of you to this year's 1st Annual Worship Symposium. Many thanks goes to each church, pastor, and worship leader that has promoted and encouraged participation in this Symposium.

It is our prayer that you leave this place with a greater desire to seek the Lord and into a greater relationship with Him through praise and worship.

Aloha Ke Akua ~ Christy Kilborn


5:45 - 6:00 pm    Registration

6:00 pm - 6:45 pm    Prelude - Music by Kauai Bible, Omao

6:45 pm    Pageantry of Praise - Christy Kilborn

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm    PRAISE RALLY

Worship Leader: Kamuela Kahalehili/Wayne Santos

Special Music: Marshallese Choir - Kings Chapel, Eleele/Lihue

Frontline Ministries - Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, Kilauea

Main Speaker: Pastor Henry Kahalehili Glad Tidings Church - Hilo, Hi

***Refreshments following evening service


8:00 am - 8:45 am    Registration

Prelude - Music by Island Worship Center, Anahola

8:45 am - 10:15 am GENERAL SESSION

Worship Leader: Mark Riley - Hope Chapel, Lawai

Main Speaker: Pastor Henry Kahalehili

10:30 am - 11:45 pm WORKSHOPS

Phil Bennet/Tony Holyfield:    "Bass/Drums: Rhythm Section - Foundations"

Pastor Harold Kilborn:    "Types and Hindrances to Praise"

Elizabeth Kua:    "Integrating the Art/Drama/Sign Language"

Charmaine Kilmer:    "Integrating the Art/Dance"

Tammey Faford:    "Enhancing the Praise Team"

11:45 am - 12:45 pm - LUNCH BREAK!!!

At The Aloha Church

1:00 pm - 2:15 pm WORKSHOPS

Kamuela Kahalehili and Wayne Santos:    "Church Musicians, Worship Team & Flowing With The Holy Spirit"

Wendell Au:    "Guitar Mastery"

Pastor Bob Hallman:    "The Role of a Pastor in Worship"

Mark Riley:    "Running Sound As An Instrument"

Mark Randolph:    "Leading Worship From the Piano"(Creating a Flow on the Keyboard)

2:30 pm - 3:45 pm WORKSHOPS

Kamuela Kahalehili and Wayne Santos:    "Leading Youth In Worship"

Mark Randolph:    "The Heart of David - The Importance of A Worshiper"

Wendell Au, Phil Bennet, Tony Holyfield, & Tammey Faford:    "Bandaid: Rhythm Section Mastery"

Silvin Galiza:    "Developing a Life Style of Worship"

3:45 pm - 4:45 pm CLOSING

Worship Leader: Kamuela Kahalehili/Wayne Santos

Wrap Up: Pastor Henry Kahalehili

Special: Namele Batalona


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"See His Glory"


P.O. BOX 668
KOLOA, HI 96756

MAIN SPEAKER: PASTOR HENRY KAHALEHILI - Married (June), 5 children, 7 grandchildren. Pastor Kahalehili has been the senior pastor at the Glad Tidings Church in Hilo, for the past 25 years. Glad Tidings Church is the first established Assembly of God Church in the state of Hawaii, celebrating its 73rd year. Pastor Henry has been in the ministry for the past 46 years. He has served as Senior and Associate Pastor, Evangelist in the South Pacific Basis, Educator, Presbyter on the islands of Oahu, Maui and Hawaii, and State Youth Director. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States, and has conducted worship seminars, spoken at district councils and conventions. Kahu Kahalehili, as he is fondly called, is a poet, composer and recording artist.

WORKSHOP SPEAKERS: Kamuela Kahalehili - (Hilo) - Married (Loran), 3 children - Kamuela is currently the Minister of Worship Arts at Glad Tidings Assembly of God, Hilo - Bd. member - produces/edits the weekly church program - part of various events like local Promise Keepers, March For Jesus Rallies and the World Impact Tour. In 1999, he participated in a cultural worship training put on by "Aloha Ke Akua" with Dave Garrett (founder of Scriptures in Song). Currently, he is on the planning committee for the 4th World Christian Gathering on Indigenous Peoples conference coming up in October 2002. Workshops: "Church Musicians, Worship Team & Flowing with the Holy Spirit" & "Leading Youth In Worship."

Wayne Santos - (Hilo) - Church: Glad Tidings Assembly of God. Wayne's musical legacy began with his Grandfather Jacob Maka of Kauai who was a songwriter and choir director in his church. The 'Na Himeni" hymnal contains four of his hymns. His mother also, was a choir director. Wayne has always loved music but did not show interest in a musical instrument until he was seventeen, and did not begin to compose music until 1992 - written 12 songs, several which have recently appeared on CD through the ministry of Pastor Wayne Cordeiro's at New Hope Fellowship in Hilo. Workshops: co-teaching with Kamuela Kahalehili.

Wendell Au - (Oahu) - Married, 3 children - Church: Word of Life; Occupation- Technology Valet/Consultant since 1999. On-Going: Technical Director for the WBC/KAIM concert series (Michael W. Smith, Zoe Girl, Avalon, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jaci V & others). A guitarist for 25 years, Wendell will share practical and philosophical insights in this "how-to" class (Guitar Mastery). He welcomes players of ALL skill levels to better understand their instrument and to play to their potentials. Workshops: "Guitar Mastery " & "Bandaid - Rhythm Section Mastery."

Phil Bennett - (Oahu) - Married, 2 children - Church: Grace Bible Pearlside - Drummer/Teacher - Drummer for Nueva Vida 20 years - On Going: mountain-biking, teaching drums. A player/teacher for many years, Phil brings a fresh approach to "serving" by playing the drums. Workshops: "Bass/Drums: Rhythm Section Foundations" & "Bandaid."

Tony Holyfield - (Oahu) - Married, 3 children - Church: Grace Bible Pearlside - Occupation: Teacher/Artisan - former UH Warrior and San Francisco 49er. On Going - coaching football, freelance artist. A "rhythm technician", Tony can illustrate well the role of the bass in the band. Workshops: "Bass/Drums: Rhythm Section Foundation" & "Bandaid."

Tammey Faford - (Kauai) - Married, 4 children - wife of Pastor Carl J. Faford - Island Worship Center - Business Owner of Tammey's Flowers & Gifts - 35 yrs. pianist/keyboardist, and Music Director for 18 yrs - On-going: Praise Team Leader for Island Worship Center, Choir Director for Chucky Boy Chock's Praise Concert, Jesus Loves Kauai Music Director and for the United Christian Fellowship of Kauai. Workshops: "Enhancing the Praise Team" and "Bandaid: Rhythm Section Mastery".

Mark Riley - (Kauai) - Married, (Tamra) - licensed minister- Foursquare Church since 1996 - Mark serves as an itinerant worship leader and speaker based out of his home church - Hope Chapel, Lawai. He serves on the board of Music Missions International-Hawaii - ministering to the Body to a deeper level of worship is Mark's passion - speaks throughout the Mainland USA, Asia and Europe - led worship and provided music for a variety of events and functions - wrote and recorded three CD's as well as operate his own project studio - last 12 years freelancing as an audio engineer and consultant of many churches and concerts. Workshop: "Running Sound As An Instrument".

Pastor Harold J. Kilborn - (Kauai) - Married, (Christy), 2 children - grew up on Oahu - served 7 1/2 years in the Air Force - Graduated from Bethany College with a BS in Ministerial/Theology - minor in Pastoral Counseling - Senior Pastor at The Church At Koloa since 1981 - Pastor Kilborn is gifted in the area of teaching the Word of God and devotes a lot of his time in Apologetics (Defense of the Faith). His church service is aired on the Hoike Cable TV program weekly. Workshop: "Types & Hindrances to Praise".

Pastor Bob Hallman - (Kauai) - Married, (Becky), 2 sons - grew up on Oahu and has been in ministry for 20 years. Bob received his M.Div. at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and after ten years of ministry in the northeast, Bob and Becky moved to Kauai and have lived here for six years. Pastor Bob places a strong emphasis on evangelism and discipleship and he loves teaching and helping people grow in Christ. His sermons can be heard on KHJC and on Hoike. Workshop: "The Role of a Pastor in Worship".

Mark Randolph - All Nations For Christ - (Kauai) - Married, (Kelly), 3 sons - Mark is the Founder and President of All Nations for Christ, an evangelistic ministry that works in cooperation with the local church in fulfilling the great commandment and the great commission. Prior to their move to Hawaii, the Randolph's were the Senior Pastor's of Family of Faith Christian Fellowship in Northern California. This church exploded under the revival fires of God and ministered to hundreds through nightly revival meetings. Currently, Mark travels throughout the Islands of Hawaii preaching, teaching and leading worship in conferences, seminars and local churches. The most recent development in their ministry was the starting of All Nations School of Ministry, a two-year Bible School on the Island of Kauai. Workshops: "Leading Worship From the Piano" and "The Heart of David - The Importance of a Worshiper".

Silvin Galiza - (Kauai) - Recent graduate from the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry where he majored in the Pastoral Studies and Worship. He is the current Youth Pastor and one of the worship leaders at the Aloha Church. Workshop: "Developing A Lifesyle of Worship".

Elizabeth Kua - (Kauai) - Married, 2 children, 1 grandchild - wife of Pastor Darryl Kua, who is the Asst. Pastor/Youth Pastor at The Church At Koloa. She is a member of the Praise and Worship Team, has been working with the youth for twelve years, teaches Sunday School, Youth services, and directs the youth in various drama/sign language specials. Workshop: "Integrating the Art/Drama/Sign Language".

Charmaine Kilmer - (Kauai) - Married, (James), 5 children - grandmother of 2. Church: Aloha Church. The Lord has placed Charmaine in several ministries - from book keeping, janitorial work, greeter, Women's Ministry, intercessory prayer ministry, ministry of helps and dramatic expression. She has dedicated her life to Jesus to do as He chooses and wills. Workshop: "Integrating the Art/Dance".

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