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Websites - build and maintenance:
We cover everything including build, maintenance and training. The tools we use are all online so there is nothing to download to your computer all you need is internet connection (preferably Cable or DSL).

Email - group communication:
We will look at your group email requirements and give you options that will best fit your needs and budget.

Software - install and configure:
Ever purchased software but didn't know how to install it? Don’t have the time to install it? Allow us to help you in these and other areas such as anti virus software or  firewall protection. For any program that you've purchased we've got you covered.

Technical - computer set up and configure:
Bought a new computer or equipment and want it installed? Or want to move the computer to another location but don't have the time to do it? Or the patience? Many times when you purchase a computer there will be non essential programs on the hard drive. The WD will help you identify the programs and remove them from your HD giving you more space for your data.

Install DSL (Verizon) Services:
(We get a lot of calls for this one). We will, at your request, contact Hawaiian Telcom to set up your DSL connection if it is available in your area. Once availability is confirmed we will let you know of the current specials (if any). The WD will take the lead in getting you through the whole process in the most expedient manner.

Network (Home/Small Office):
Per your request we will set up your home or small office wireless networking. With a wireless laptop you will be able to connect to your wireless network and will be able to share files, connect to the internet and check your email.

Personal Training:

You may have family members or someone in your organization who would like to learn how to use a certain program on their computer, but lack the time to read the manual or sign up for a class and you just want a working knowledge of how to use the program. Two of the most common are a CD burning program and a photo editor program. The WD will help you use the software already on your computer and give you a working knowledge of the program.
How about PC 101 right in your family computer room? Basic intro on how to use the computer... the internet... scanners... digital photography... MP3 players... digital video editing... etc.
Or if you just need help in buying a new computer and setting it up, we got you covered.

Security Issues:

Got Pop Ups?
The WD can help in this area. If you are having troubles with pop up windows displaying anything from online singles chat rooms, online gambling, travel offers, clothing super sales, and other advertising oriented items. Then its likely that you have an adware/malware program installed on your computer.
Here is more info on it:
(ADvertisementWARE) Software that periodically pops up ads in a user's computer. Adware is considered "spyware" and is installed without the user's knowledge. It typically displays targeted ads based on words searched for on the Web or derived from the user's surfing habits that have been periodically sent in the background to a spyware's Web server.
What is a adware? Any software that covertly monitors and transmits user information through the user's Internet connection without his or her knowledge, usually for advertising purposes. Adware is often distributed as a hidden component of freeware or shareware programs that are downloaded from the Internet. Also known as scumware and spyware.
(MALicious softWARE) Software designed to destroy, aggravate and otherwise make life unhappy. See virus, worm, logic bomb, macro virus, Word macro virus and Trojan horse.
Typically, malware is distributed in one of three methods: by e-mail, either through a virus-laden attachment or code embedded in the message body; in an infected application; or through infected code on a Web site. Originally, removable media -- typically a floppy diskette -- was the vehicle most malware took to get to your computer, but now the vast majority of malware is distributed electronically. According to various reports, the percentage of viruses currently transmitted by e-mail is from 87-93%.

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