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Aloha and thank you for stopping by. If you are here then that means you are interested in having your own personal or ministry website. But you may not know where to start? You've come to the right place!
The high cost of building your websites and maintaining them is over! The Web Disciple will show you how to:
1. Build and Develop your website.
2. Maintain your website.
3. Use eMail communication services to keep your people more informed.
This is all done with very little cost to you and your ministry! Sounds good! Read on...

The Web Disciple's goal is to be able to help people and ministries set up their own personal or ministry websites. This is done by using an online web tool for building and developing websites. The cost is very affordable. In just a day your ministry will have it's website up and running! And if your not a "Do-it-yourself" type, get in touch with me and I'll build it for you!
So what you will see on the next web pages are information to help you and your ministry make prayerful decisions as to what you would want on your ministry web site.

And if at any time you feel that you would want to get in touch with me feel free to do so. The info is at the bottom of every page or on the 'Contact Me' page.
God Bless! -Brother Clyde

For a basic introduction to the different parts of a website click on web page you wish to view:

As a side note: All of the website services can be done free of charge, but there will be either a banner or pop up advertisement(s) on your website. This is for the free service. Once you set up a website on the free service you will have the option to remove the ads by going to a paid service which starts about $5 dollars a month.
As for the web disciple's time involved in building and or teaching someone to build their website a suggested donation of $25 per hour or a flat rate of $300 per website is advised.

The Web Disciple is a faith based ministry and does accept love offerings and donations to keep "Doing The Stuff." If  you are interested in giving a love offering  click here.

You can reach the Web Disciple (Brother Clyde) at:

The Web Disciple
c/o BJ's Music
P.O. Box 296
Eleele, Hawaii. 96705

Or phone: 808.651.0240 Or email:
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